Inktober 2019 – Hearts


Inktober Challenge 2019

What are emotions made of? How do I put them in colors, shapes, textures? How much power do I give them? I’ve started with one illustration and now all these things are pilling up, making me see that there is so much more to get out and they all have this one element in common – the heart- . It will be a playful and vulnerable experiment, trying to transform each emotion into a type of line, combination of colors, association of elements, trying to see how much can a heart take, aesthetically and emotionally, how far can i push the red line or how elastic can it be? I’ll be experimenting with a lot of new techniques, mediums, discovering new friends along the way and in the same time, taking all this to an exhaustive point, until there is nothing more to put out there¬†

ioana petre inima cuplu
ioana petre inima luna
ioana petre inima cuplu stiched
ioana petre ilustratie inima buzunar
ioana petre ilustratie inima cuplu
ioana petre ilustratie inima vitiligo
ioana petre ilustratie inima wrinkles