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Cressida Moon – full and bitten lei70,00lei120,00
Elara Moon- half moon & semiluna lei50,00lei80,00

Ganymede Moon- full


With more than 200 moons in our solar system,  it was very easy to find shelter among them during this period, give them my time and patience and letting them give back  their whimsical and ethereal feeling. “Soft Moon” is the way I managed to overcome the uncertainties of these times and bring peace to myself. They grounded me and also let me fly. They come more as magical objects, filled up with my energy and sensitivity. This is why this collection is very limited and  I don’t know if I am going to make more. So be sure you find your moon and take it to its home.

Each model comes in 4 shapes: full, bitten, last quarter and waning crescent and in different sizes. Make sure you chose a shape and a size. It is a mix of techniques, like painting on plexiglas, playing with golden leaf and polymeric clay and finishing everything with resin.

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