“Wear your heart out” Collection

"Wear your heart out" Collection

When was the last time you put your heart out there? or do you do that every day? All these past months I have been painting all these hearts and it all became like a heart diary. I’ve put everything here, for everyone to see and now i am giving all these little pieces to you, and hopefully you will each write your own heart diary and let it take you places, wonderful, glittery ones. Hope each of you has a saving place, like painting is for me, where you can put all your emotions and sensibility: a dream, a cause, your loved ones, a hobby, a pet, books, plants, something, someone, for whom is worth to put your heart out there💛 *All brooches have details made with golden leaf

ioana petre brose inimi
ioana petre brosa starry heart
ioana petre inima transparenta
ioana petre brosa inima roz
ioana petre brosa inima fragile
ioana petre brosa inima roz
ioana petre briosa inima transparenta
ioana petre brosa stele
ioana petre brosa blue