Manifesto Ioana Petre

Live the story, be the story

I am telling you my stories through prints, fabrics, colors, textures. I want you to make these stories your own, and through these pieces of clothing, accessories, notebooks, prints, create new, beautiful memories, that will be next to you through the time. I make prints with little places from my universe, all my feelings and memories come to life in shapes and colors, I like to tell my stories through prints.

Each product will bring you a cozy feeling, you will instantly feel the love and care for the details, the happiness from every color and the playfulness from every pattern. I like to surround myself with beautiful objects, that can transmit me something and take me somewhere else. I hope all my products can do that, bring smiles, make your dreams feel safe, offer protection and lots of love.

I have a very strong relationship with nature, as I grew near the forest in a little town in the mountains. Since I was a child I loved to spend a lot of time outside, running in the flower fields and discovering nature's wonders. That's why every collection of prints has as a source of inspiration something from nature. I have a deep respect for it and I try to use only natural fabrics, like cotton, silk, bamboo, ecological printing methods and make everything involving a collection without harming the surroundings. Every detail is very well-thought-out and planned with care. I like to think that nature is an extension of me, filling me with joy and peace, and with every drawing I make I like to give something back.

Slow fashion
The clothes do not follow trends, they follow just my stories and emotions, they are pieces out of time, and they can be worn and have the same value now and in 20 years. They are made only from natural fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, silk and they are printed with ecological inks. They are produced in Romania by wonderful people. I hope they bring a smile to you.

Stay small, dream big
The fact that I can control the product from the very first sketch to the moment that I put it in the packaging, gives me a sense of relief. I can see every detail and correct something if it's wrong. The team with which I work is very small, but they are wonderful people who help me make my dreams come true. I keep all the production locally, so I can help the ones who are near me. We also work in a sustainable way, making a few pieces or to order, so we don't waste much. It's very important for me that the people who make the collections, feel good about every piece, putting the same care in every detail that I put, and feeling involved in all this creative process.

Handmade Magic
I love handmade details and learning new techniques along the way, working with women who knit in their homes, making wonderful pieces, and in this way making a difference and helping them a little. The technology is good and I use it a lot, but sometimes I like to go back to simple things which have great value, and try to rescue that and have each piece of my collections, no matter what it is, clothing, notebooks, accessories, with a touch of handmade magic.